Child of Ganga


Pandit, think
before you drink
that water.
That house of clay you’re sitting in —
all creation is pouring through it.
Fifty-five million Yadavs soaked there,
and eighty-eight thousand sages.
At every step a prophet is buried.
All their clay has rotted.
Fish, turtles and crocodiles
hatched there. The water is thick
with blood. Hell flows
along that river, with
rotten men and beasts.

Trickling through bones, melting through flesh —
where does milk come from?
That’s what you drink after lunch, pandit.
And you call clay untouchable?
Throw out your holy scriptures, pandit,
those fantasies of your mind.
Kabir says, listen, Brahmin:
All this
is your own doing.

– The Bijak of Kabir


Child of Ganga is my way of reaching out — to Man, to remind us that our existence has a toll on the environment we live in; and to Nature, to say thank you for being wonderful and sorry for what we’ve done.

– Nadia Kamil


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